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  • Bob Hadfield

Photography for your business

So, why should you hire a professional photographer? You may ask yourself,

“Why do I need a professional photographer when my phone takes decent pictures?”

This is a completely understandable question. Images taken on phones are great for immediate updates to put on social media and internal comms platforms. They help you to keep your employees or clients constantly updated with what your company is up to. But…. They don’t always cut the mustard when it comes to advertising and showing off your products or services to the people who matter – the customers.

Here are a few reasons why we believe that both phone images and professional photography can work alongside each other when marketing your business.

Product shots

Professional photographs can show your product in the best lighting, colour, surroundings in the highest quality resolution and make it stand out against your competitors.

These types of images are needed for print advertising, for use on your website and to send to prospective clients. First impressions are extremely important and a phone camera photo just doesn’t have the image quality or the dynamic range for these types of situations. However the time to use your phone images to show off your products is in where product placement occurs – in the everyday. This shows usability and brings your audience closer to your product.

Your team

Professional photos of you and your team for the company website,

Linkedin page, and lanyard passes etc. projects professionalism, that you take your business seriously. However, phone images have their place when wanting to show clients your personality as a business through daily social media updates. Office based images and on location pictures can really help your clients discover who you are.

Event photography

There are many reasons to use a professional photographer for an event;

They can take the pressure off the organisers so they can concentrate on their guests.

Lack of lighting at events can become problematic for a phone user – harsh flash lighting is not the most flattering and without a flash you are looking at very grainy and dark images. A professional photographer has the equipment and the experience to mitigate these issues.

A professional also has experience regarding the ‘story’ of an event. The details, the people and the atmosphere are captured.

But what if you want instant images for social media?

Well, this is where a phone camera can help out. A few images of the event before people arrive and of some details can act as a teaser for followers and even guests to the event.

These are only a few ways in which professional photos and images from your phone can work alongside each other when marketing your business.

Get in touch if you would like to chat about any of the points raised in this blog.

This blog was in partnership with Hadfield Photography.

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