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Jeremy Blandford and Bob Hadfield started EMCD in 2010 after spending many years within the communications industry. The company grew and became focused on visual communications through video, animation and live events and relocated to TF9 Studios – a bespoke studio complex encompassing audio & video recording studios, animation and editing.

EMCD constantly strive to produce amazing content that will engage your clients, inform your employees and inspire your audiences. 

Our content is designed to be delivered over any channel or platform from handheld to live event screens.




Jeremy is an experienced Event Production Consultant, Production Manager and video director/editor and with a proven track record of successful project delivery & innovation. 


Jeremy is  an all round 'geek'! When he's not at work he likes to read about new camera, editing and broadcast gadgetry. He can also be found living out his rock star fantasies through extremely talented musicians by producing a well known local music festival. His passions are cooking and appreciating red wine, maybe a little too much!
Specialities: Communications, Event Production/Project Management, AV, Video production, Lighting, Audio and Stage Management. 




Bob is an experienced Videographer and Photographer, highly skilled in both image and video editing and animation production. Bob’s Photography experience covers events, product and food photography and studio work. 

Bob is a self confessed film buff and loves to try and get a film quote in to as many conversations as possible. This talent makes him a great asset to have in your quiz team. Bob also likes to tell a 'Dad' joke that is inevitably followed by sighs in the office. This happens so frequently that we have even named them 'Bobisms'!


Specialities: Video Production (live events & pre-recorded), Photography and Lighting, Animation.



Emma is an experienced assistant events coordinator, photographer with strong skills in digital media/social media and marketing. 

As many of you will know Emma is an amazing event photographer with an eye for that split second moment of human candour and the pure joy of the performer.  Emma is also known for her extremely loud sneeze, we are considering investing in some industrial ear plugs for when hay fever season starts.


Specialities: Photography (events/studio) Illustrator, Photoshop and Social Media platforms. 



Emily is a skilled digital marketing project manager with people management experience and a meticulously keen eye for detail. 

Emily is a huge music fan and has dedicated many years to supporting our local music festival.


Specialities: Project Management, Digital Marketing, SEO, Website Development, Design




Chris is a well-established video producer working within the media industry since 2007. His portfolio of filming work includes the Cannes Film Festival and various prime time Television Series. 

Chris is a snowboarder at heart and loves tearing up the slopes and travels to some beautiful areas of the world to show off his skills. Doesn’t seem to mix as well with skiers though. Chris is also a huge dog lover and dedicates his time to his canine pal Archie.


Specialities: Video Production/Post Production. 



Nick's background has been in professional broadcasting and he brings well-crafted video skills to EMCd. Nick has a multitude of BBC and C4 television credits. 

Nick loves a good wedding and in fact spends many a summer weekend attending them. One of his favourite things when he isn’t freelancing for EMCd is to apply his talent and produce some great wedding footage.


Specialities: Video Production/Post Production.

Nick V2.png



Jonathan has been working within the media industry for the last 9 years, having graduated from Bournemouth University with a degree in Television Production. Filming work has included The Olympic Park and The London Royal College of Music. 

In his spare time Jonathan loves running  a local open mic night, discovering new musical talent. 

​Specialities: Video Production/Post Production



Lynda is familiar with marketing strategies and managing the administration function that surrounds them. She is also an experienced assistant events co-ordinator. 

Lynda lights up our office with her fabulous laugh and good humour, there is never a dull moment with her around. She loves to act and sing and is an active and enthusiastic member of her local amateur dramatics society. Her last role as the fairy in Cinderella was praised widely in the local papers. 


Specialities: Site Co-ordination & Event Organisation, Sales




James is an experienced broadcast camera operator, having created video content on a wide variety of projects, such as motor sport, extreme sports, documentary work, corporate events and music festivals. 


James is our resident speed freak with a penchant forJapanese performance cars. James changes cars almost as often as his underwear and always regrets when he sells them! 
Specialities: Video Production. 



Rowan is an experienced site electrician and location ‘Gaffer’ Also experienced in operation of Chamsys lighting desks. 

Rowan's surname is 'Love' so his friends have nicknamed him Dr. Love (he even wears a t-shirt with it on!) He has attended many quirky and unusual festivals when working as a sparky and has quite a few stories he could tell.


Specialities: BS7909 Temporary Electrical Installations. 




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