As a promotional video production company we feel it's important to give a little back to the industry and talk about the hot topics, trending challenges and give insight into our industry. Amongst other topics we will cover live event video production, broadcast and what its like to be a video producer/professional videographer.


Photography for your business

So, why should you hire a professional photographer? You may ask yourself, “Why do I need a professional photographer when my phone takes decent pictures?” This is a completely understandable question. Images taken on phones are great for immediate updates to put on social media and internal comms platforms. They help you to keep your employees or clients constantly updated with what your company is up to. But…. They don’t always cut the mustard when it comes to advertising a

Internal Communication Through Video - Part 2

There are many ways in which video can support your internal communication strategy, some of which we shall mention here. When it comes to producing internal comms videos it is important to stress that top quality content and professional editing is a must for delivering the right message to your employees. To start off, here are some examples of the ways in which videos can support the delivery of content to your employees through video. · Training videos – Video has been pr