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Internal Communication Through Video - Part 2

There are many ways in which video can support your

internal communication strategy, some of which we shall mention here. When it comes to producing internal comms videos it is important to stress that top quality content and professional editing is a must for delivering the right message to your employees.

To start off, here are some examples of the ways in which videos can support

the delivery of content to your employees through video.

· Training videos – Video has been proven to be much more effective than a solely based classroom approach. Health and safety, policy awareness, company strategy, on-boarding and refresher courses are just some of the areas in which training videos are useful.

Courses delivered through video are much more cost effective as employees don’t need to be taken out of the business for unnecessary chunks of time to learn in person.

When delivering any training and on-boarding new employees it is absolutely key to deliver clear and consistent material with clear and measurable results – couple video with a survey/exam at the end and (where available) a good learning management system and you have a very powerful toolkit!

- Live action footage to support the message

Explainer videos – this is such an over-used term and we have all seen it in countless social media advertising segments boasting that you can create an epic video in five minutes with their tool and rake in millions in new sales. However where they do come

into their own is minimising help-desk calls, explaining features of a product (minimising support calls and warranty issues) and outlining certain basic procedures.

A professionally edited video here can mean higher engagement and fully branded quality content that makes the video more memorable.

Reassuring content – Messaging from senior leadership and management is so much better than an impersonal email or pointer to an intranet page. Yes it’s challenging in the present circumstances but with a little coaching on positioning and audio even a phone/webcam recording can be cleaned up. Branded content with the addition of graphics with some carefully chosen library footage is a more personal approach that can show “we are all in it together”. This is a very cost and time effective solution especially due to current remote working measures. Some employees may not be able to join a Skype or Zoom type call and therefore may miss out on important messaging.

· Remote working advice – The well-being, health and mental health of employees is paramount. All companies have a duty of care around their employees and how their own unique circumstances influence performance and morale. There should be a clear set of visual assets in the toolkit that are relevant to today’s unique ways of working, clearly signposted and tracked.

Now we come to how the quality of content can be the difference between a bored, disenfranchised employee and an engaged, more production one. The use of the following can help to take your employee on a journey and help them to keep your brand voice and message in their mind.

- Quality and relevant images

- Clear and consistent sound

- Engaging animation

- Corporate assets to protect branding

- Live action footage to support the message

- Voice-overs to emphasise and support the visual messaging

The above ways of conveying your message in a video format will be

- More entertaining and engaging, therefore the messaging becomes more memorable

- More concise and easier to understand

- Encouraging an increase in productivity and motivation especially when there is a direct call to action

- Keeping the brand voice, company vision, mission and values in the minds of employees.

Why use a professional video production company for internal comms videos?

Your employees are your internal clients and so therefore should have the same quality of communications as your customers. These are challenging times (and will continue to be for quite a while) so it’s paramount that you look after your key assets and retain the talent you have so carefully built up. A good video communications partner can scale from small materials enhancement type briefs right up to product launch/internal strategy where larger production values can be needed. EMCd have extensive internal comms experience and are very skilled at breaking down complex information into more simple content. Be it pure video, animation, stock video coupled with company specific content or even live internal broadcast (Even Skype can be knitted into a great production with our new virtual TV Studio). We have the skills to deliver your story! Let’s Share it!

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