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Video Broadcasting for your Business

In this blog we explain what we mean by video broadcasting, it's benefits and how we as a business could help you with this.

Especially relevant in today’s climate, as there are times when communicating with clients or employees just isn’t logistically possible or financially viable.

Video broadcasting can be the answer.

What is it?

Basically, think ‘Skype’ but with the ability to reach out to as many people as you need

to, and in a format that makes sense for your needs – whether the video broadcast needs to come from just one person as a direct address or from a team of people.

Then throw in really good visuals, both of the live content at the time, and anything else you might want to add, such as pre- recorded content or visual infographic animations to explain a new strategy

You might even want to include live social media for audience interaction and feedback. Essentially a virtual conference.

So how does it work?

For larger broadcasts we recommend using more than one camera and have the ability to cut between them. This makes it much more engaging and gives a professional feel.

Also important is to have good quality sound and lighting to ensure a clear visual image. There's no point in doing this if no-one can hear or see it!

The live filmed content, any pre-recorded video or animations, or a live screen of social media etc are ready to show to viewers who are watching remotely.

This is because all the content goes to a device which can control what is shown and when - and that device outputs the video to a laptop which just thinks it is a webcam and microphone! This means the broadcast can be seen on whatever platform you want – whether a private YouTube/Vimeo event, Kontiki, Zoom etc).

What are the benefits?

1) Financial. Depending on the broadcast option you go for the

event will be 10-20% of the budget of a traditional country or global gathering all its associated costs (venue, production, travel, accommodation, catering etc).

2. Environmental. Unnecessary business travel is no longer socially acceptable and has been proven to contribute to climate change. Video based virtual events can dramatically reduce the travel needed and demonstrate a desirable level of corporate responsibility.

3.Medical. Especially relevant currently where larger gatherings are prohibited, there are clear benefits in terms of being able to quickly and concisely speak to employees (not to mention helping to reduce isolation and support their mental health), launch products without needing to attend tradeshows and offer enhance collaboration across distributed teams.

4. Effectiveness. It has been successfully argued that short, focussed, content rich virtual/video events are MUCH more effective than asking employees gather and listen to multiple presentations and awards. Broadcast, by its very nature, encourages clarity, brevity and is far more engaging (if done correctly).

Where video broadcasting can really work for you

1) Virtual Product Launches.

Seamlessly broadcast to your client base with live appearances & walk-throughs pre-recorded items/product videos or factory Tours. As with all our use case examples – we can record every detail of the event for later viewing, editing for

social media use and general reference.

2) Company/Regional Town Halls.

Ease your travel budget and better engage with live presentation across you workforce incorporating live segments, optional pre recorded items, presented material and types Q&A.

3) Ceremonies (Inc Graduation).

A brilliant opportunity for loved ones to virtually attend graduation ceremonies without incurring the cost and/or risk of travelling to learning institutions – Indeed some universities have cancelled them all together.

We can offer virtual graduation ceremonies where the students can skype or facetime into the event to receive their degree.

No crowds or gatherings and the ability to include relatives or loved ones who couldn’t be normally attend.

4) Financial Results.

If you’re a publicly quoted company why not move away from dry press releases, oversubscribed/uncontrolled press conferences and better engage with your investors, stakeholders and workforce with an amazingly produced and detailed walkthrough of your financial performance using live action, professional graphics and even pre filmed segments.

Take typed questions (and from the broadcast room) and respond live.

5) Live & Recorded training

If you can’t bring your workforce or customers of your new product into the classroom why not take advantage of broadcasting the information to them at their remote locations? Simple classroom camera setups can capture the essence of the material through engaging visuals and interactive content etc.

6) Live Music & Sporting events

If your audience are precluded from travelling, then ensure they are kept engaged for a future date by putting on some “open door” sessions. Let us broadcast your live music or sporting event with fantastic camera coverage, amazing sound and professional live editing. Graphics can be easily added to enhance your performance.


Video as a communication tool is far more effective that the written word alone. Add the ability to converse live with people and you really do have a formula for success!

Call us or email us to chat about how we can support you and your business……add number email etc…

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