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Small business owners - you may ask why you need video, or you may already be creating your own – which is great, but we can still help.

We will start with the why…

We will start with the why…

In a digital world where having an online presence is essential (in other words – everyone is doing it) you need to stand out from the crowd.


Video is one way to penetrate your market, grabbing the attention of potential customers on the way.

Your target market needs to see you, they need to know you are there, what you do and what you are offering them. Video can help them to remember YOUR brand above your competitors. So talk to them, communicate your story and add the human touch to your brand.

How? You may ask... 


...The answer is CONTENT.

To use an old cliché – ‘content is king’. If you have something to say to your audience it should be enticing and attention grabbing. Creative, informative, and memorable videos can be the reason you get attention and not lost in the social media ether.

This is where we come in, our creative and skilled team will collaborate with you, thrash out ideas and create a video that will help your business stand out from the crowd. 

Some examples of video content types include:

  1. Informative videos – new premises, opening times, break down complex information, show off your green credentials, your processes – your story.

 2. Advertising videos – new business, new product/service, sales, seasonal videos, calls to action.


This bit is for both businesses that are new to video and the ones already creating their own.


So...Why use a professional video production company?

Firstly, it sounds expensive, right? .....WRONG! 


We create videos that suit most budgets, there will never be any judgement on your budget so don’t be worried about calling us for a chat.

Using professionals for video gives you more flexibility on what can be achieved, for example, animation, live action, stock footage, pro voice over and effective incorporation of your branding.


Creating your own videos DIY videos will always be key for posting quick and regular things such as daily updates. Working together with professionals on larger projects will give you that essential maximum impact when is matters most.


We would love to hear your ideas and work with you to share your story.


We will work with you to gain a true understanding of your media goals by using storyboards and scripting to visualise your needs.


We keep you informed and take care of the details


Our creative team of experts will travel to you and talk you through the day ahead.


From lighting set up to finding that perfect shot, we are devils for detail.


We use industry leading tools to bring your story to life.

Our team is highly skilled in post-production and take pride in delivering perfection.


After working with some large household names, we know the importance of producing results.


We keep the end goal at the centre of everything we do.

"Having lived and breathed internal communications themselves EMCD instinctively know how to deliver the right level of tone, creativity and client management whilst never breaking the budget. We can always trust the team to build relationships with the internal stakeholders and deliver each project creatively, on time and to budget."


Jo Lucy - Unilever 


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