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Why use a promotional video production company?

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

In an ever changing digital world, video is becoming more and more important in helping a business connect with its audience. Regardless of whether you are a s0le trader or a large corporation – quality content is key. Whether it’s using a smartphone and editing the results in an editing app or using a DSLR and a laptop and broadcasting/recording, the equipment is readily available where anyone can produce content - just perhaps not always the right content with the right quality.

Don’t get us wrong, there are instances when self-shot footage is the right way to go (e.g. when PowerPoint is not appropriate or to cut through comms static or even when an executive can’t be at a key meeting and there is no time to get in a professional). However, a DIY corporate video is probably not the best way to enhance your brand, get your concept across or sell your strategy. Here is when a professional video communications partner is needed.

We will look after you

The cliché that ‘time is money’ is absolutely true. Making video content is NOT core to your role. It might be fun, you may have an aptitude for it but it’s not what you were employed to do and, in most cases, you won’t have the professional equipment to get the most appropriate results. Video communications professionals clearly understand the amount of time and attention to detail that is required to create corporate video communications and social media content.

Before looking to produce a video internally, you should question what other core roles and projects are going to lack focus whilst key people attempt to learn the myriad of disciplines and tasks that are needed for video production. What seems like an effective strategy for saving money, will end up costing far more in the long term, both financially and strategically.

Know how

Professionals have the experience avoid the compromises that a self-shot production will experience. They will work closely with your communications teams and stakeholders so that they fully understand your culture, what you want to achieve from the end product and what would be the best end product style that’s on message and on brand.

Uncompromising quality

By hiring a competent professional video communications company, you guarantee a level of quality that you will be unable to achieve by shooting the video yourself. Most reputable video companies work with the professional equipment by Sony, Canon, Red, Arri etc. They will employ professional audio recording equipment and techniques to ensure detailed and crisp sound and deploy LED lighting panels to allow the cameras to capture images that are interesting and flattering. Lastly they will use professional editing software allowing them to work efficiently, creatively and be able to quickly create your finished product with amazing visuals and supporting graphics.

Whilst equipment is a key part of the production process, any decent agency will take pride in attention to detail and customer service. They will naturally focus on your end to end requirements in order to create the most appropriate representation of your brand, concept, strategy or initiative.

The key message here is that businesses need to know their limitations when creating videos. Saving money by doing it yourself is not always going to give you an effective ROI.

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