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Video: The new king of online communications?

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Email is dead…long live email?

It’s now a universal truth that the traditional informational company wide email is dead, an ex-email, an email no more – why? It's ineffective. It just doesn’t cut it anymore. Or rather it doesn’t cut through!

So why waste time on something that’s ineffective on landing your key messages? Its ok for tactical updates but for anything strategic you run the risk of it getting lost in the mist of group “copy to all” chatter. Its incapable of communicating all the things you want to say at this level. There is an answer though. Video

Effective video communications can simplify complex strategies, explain new processes, change behaviours and motivate. According to Dr. James McQuivey, 1 minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. Now that may be a little overstated, but you get the drift - Video communications are perfect for complicated topics simply because most people are visual learners and time poor.

Here are some examples of where to apply:

Senior Messages

Emails are impersonal. At this level they are often crafted by a global communications function and while well-crafted and factually correct can (in some situations) come across as impersonal and, as mentioned before, find it difficult as a tool to cut through the existing email static.

So why not get your senior stakeholder on camera?

Video communications out to your most valuable company resource will be so much more effective at landing your messaging. It will engage, hold attention and be more personal to the target audience.

It also allows key points to be driven home through simple effective graphics, cutaway footage and a well-crafted script.

Getting your senior executives on camera, either as part of a live event video production or broadcast is an undeniably powerful tool in the communicators arsenal. It conveys quality, gravity and respect to the audience its aimed at.

Education, development and a new approach

Often you will receive a hefty document or an unintelligible, out of context PowerPoint explaining a new process, tool or piece of equipment. How effective were they? Did the concepts come across? Was the landing measurable?

So much easier to develop a clear and concise video with simple graphics to explain your concept? You can track (and measure) downloads or if your well-equipped enough to have a corporate Learning Management System which can be incorporated as courseware and tested with some simple questions.

Secondly high quality recorded video from external and internal speakers can enhance your internal event. In fact, combined with modern low cost internal broadcast techniques with live links and workshops this approach can replace the traditional “kill them with PowerPoint” approach employed previously to motivate and rally staff. THIS is an Incredibly cost effective tool being increasingly deployed by many global organisations.

Recruitment and Inductions

PowerPoint and its cousins have long been the tool of choice for recruitment, staff/site inductions and health & safety procedures. They can be tedious, lack impact and the knowledge transfer rate is low.

A fantastic “about us” video can really kick start your recruitment process, form part of the interview and streamline the new employee induction. When getting key safety information across a great storyboard, incorporating the how NOT to as well as the how to can really land the site and safety message in an impactful and memorable way.

Lastly your messaging will land in a consistent and uncoloured way with a clear, uncluttered version of your policy and procedures

Your results

One of the most effective ways of announcing your financial results, mergers/acquisitions and strategies to the wider “market” can be a combination of a pre-prepared video statement and a live broadcast Q&A session. This is engaging, clear, unambiguous and easy to feed out to the market as a public social media video event or by invitation only. Your news hits the audience quickly, conveniently and on their terms (timing, as we all know, is key to shareholders, financial markets and analysts)

In summary

There are many more types of messages that can be replaced by high quality video marketing. If you want to know more about how professional video can help your company, get in touch with our expert team today.

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