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What is QuickVid?

In a fast paced digital world, video really does have the power to transform your

business. However, professional video can seem very expensive.  The time it takes to

film and edit, the expertise and equipment needed to produce quality video,

animations or aerial footage etc. The costs all begin to stack up and it can be quite

off putting for small businesses when they realise it’s quite an investment in the very beginning.


So, how is QuickVid different?

Well, QuickVid allows you to pay a much smaller price every month, meaning

you get video content throughout the year!  A perfect fit for sole traders, SMEs and small business start-ups.

The QuickVid team will be with you all the way, helping you to capture and share

your story at a lower cost, without compromising on quality. For a clear breakdown

of how QuickVid can work for you and your business, take a look at our packages here

For a more bespoke service please take a look at our corporate video page here


Or link directly to our very first QuickVid client here


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We will work with you to gain a true understanding of your media goals.


Using storyboards and scripting, we keep you informed and take care of the details


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Our creative team of experts will travel to you, and talk you through the day ahead.


From lighting set up to finding that perfect shot, we are devils for the details.


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We use industry leading video editing software to bring your media piece to life.


Our team is highly skilled in post-editing and take pride in delivering perfection.


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After working with some large household names, we know the importance of producing high quality results. Whether you are pitching to a large corporation or launching on social media we will provide you with high end results.


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