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  • Bob Hadfield

Internal Communication through Video - Part 1

What can we learn from this quote?

Effective communication with your employees has always been key to maintaining engagement and encouraging productivity, but now that many employees are working from home is it more important than ever before.

In a crisis, information overload can be overwhelming and can potentially impact motivation and productivity. Emails, phone calls and Zoom conference invitations coming in at a rate of knots could put anyone’s head in to a spin. There is however, a way to break this down and make the information more manageable. That is with the use of video.

According to Regan “Employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than read text” and that is an important statistic right there. Emails, video conferencing and phone calls all have their place but videos can deliver concise, factual and engaging content to your employees without causing overwhelm.

In part 2 we explore the importance of content when communicating your message in a video format.

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